Mack moved into a new apartment

Mack moved into a new apartmentA month later, the singer Maksim will finally move into their new one-bedroom apartment near the metro station "Sokol", which was bought a year ago."I know, why did you choose this area? Always wanted to live higher, and with my twenty-fifth floor of this stunning view of Moscow open, I understood that I want to look at it every morning, " says the singer of the hits "Heaven" and "Tenderness". - I love the height and by the way, I am fond of parachuting. I admit, at first I wanted to choose an apartment closer to the center, but then realized that wouldn't be able to relax, because there are very noisy. And here are quiet and peaceful area, besides my house is in a protected area.In their new apartment, the artist will live alone, as her parents and brother refused to leave his native Kazan, although Maksim is very insisted on this. She admitted that because of the tight tour schedule are unable to create the design of the apartment, and therefore hired a professional, says the magazine "stars".The repair was about six months, and I was beginning to worry that it will never end, " laughs Marina. - PAH-PAH, no problem with working all the time there arose so did not have to redo.Now Mack can't wait when it will be able to move into new apartments.- What is especially nice, the money to buy this flat I earned by hard work shows off the singer. - About the house-warming until the ranks of ambitious plans. Although I love the noisy companies, invite only the closest people who truly will enjoy this event with me. And as I had in July and a holiday planned, the summer will be doubly enjoyable for me.Apparently, the beautiful singer will spend his vacation in a new wooden house in the suburbs, which now hastily being completed. Source: Maksim moved into a new apartment.

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