Singers have lost a beloved woman

Singers have lost a beloved womanDmitry Pevtsov now busy filming the new movie about the war. Famous actor got the role of a sniper who loses a beloved woman, is badly wounded, but eventually gets a chance to take revenge on the enemy.Before the shooting in Minsk Dmitry Pevtsov two months worked with the Russian special forces, writes "KP in Belarus". The specialists had the task to train the artist all the details of the sniper case."He is a hero, on account of his dozens of dead Germans, knows the General himself, says about the character pattern editor Igor Kostyuchenko. But he almost died, the bullet near the heart. But the most terrible killed his lover, snipers Ales".The heroine dies in the very first four-part film series."Directed with producer say it will be one of the key scenes in the movie - told the editor of the film. - Abradates. German sniper Karl Kleist - a sophisticated professional, he decides to kill Ales and Yashin single bullet. Waiting until the lovers approach each other... And they finally close to the explanation that hesitated... Bullet Kleist kills Ales and beats at the heart Yashin. After the war major Yashin becomes the commandant of a small German town and meets a German sniper Karl Kleist. Fate gives Yashin a chance to avenge the death of a friend, and in parallel he finds in an old German castle warehouse with a secret weapon...".

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