`Cream` returned to Russia from prison

`Cream` returned to Russia from prisonCharming soloist of the group "Cream" Karina Koks, Victoria Loktev and Eugene Senecca, having the worst 48 hours of his life in the Moroccan pre-trial detention, yesterday returned safely to Moscow."Creamy" girls, arrived in Casablanca to choose scenic spots for the new video, spent two days in unsanitary prison conditions. Now a famous singer, once free, now plan to pass a full medical examination.We will remind, the sexy member of the pop group "Cream" on Monday night were arrested at the Casablanca airport on suspicion of transportation of counterfeit banknotes. Girls with no incidents were boarding the plane, when suddenly... without explaining anything, the whole group was asked to leave the salon. As it turned out, the Moroccan police found in a bag of a Manager "Cream" fake dollars and euros used as props in concert performances.We literally pulled out of the plane and started searching. When we said that we will wait for the Russian Consul to ascertain the circumstances, Moroccan guards, explaining nothing, forcibly dragged us into a bus and taken to the police station - shared Karina Cox.Trinity had five hours to sit without documents on the Moroccan border.- We have picked the phone... and from the rudeness of the police on my arm bruise remained, " said Belle Cox.The conditions in which two days were girls, were far from comfortable. Dirt, cockroaches, common to all prisoners, a bathroom, a seasoned criminal local "stars" and prostitutes were shocked by the soloists of the group, the newspaper "Your day".- We slept on the dirty floor, when asked for a chair, the police pretended that we don't hear... and then some lunatic foaming at the mouth brought. The first time we ate only in the room Consul - I dread to think of "cream". - There was a toilet with no light, 300 times worse than on the outskirts of Russia... I'm afraid something get infected, we're going to go to the Botkin hospital for tests, " said Karina.By the way, the tour of the 22-year-old Zhenya Sinickas in the "Cream" in Casablanca were the first.- Zhenya first one got to me through the Internet, now that it's through "baptism of fire", - said the producer of the band Evgeny Orlov. Source: "Cream" has returned to Russia from prison.

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