Vaikule poured Podolsky wine

Vaikule poured Podolsky wineOn the last day of the "New wave" at the restaurant La Riva all star Beau Monde, came to Jurmala, congratulated Maestro Igor Krutoy with 54 anniversary. Most of the guests were limited to flowers.And only Nikolai Baskov generously were wearing Cool Golden nugget. And after the usual led the entire company as their "Jukebox". For backup dancers at Baskov were Ksenia Sobchak and Lera Kudryavtseva, who called themselves "VIA Gras" for the poor, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Cooler all lit Laima Vaikule, which Kolya Baskov affectionately called "our Terminator". First Latvian "Madonna" went to dance with Vladimir Presnyakov. The dances were very peculiar: the artists were trying to cut each other between widely spaced legs. If Volodya coped with the task on the first attempt, lime stuck between his legs Fresh.Then, already communicating with Natasha Podolsky, Vaikule vigorously waved his hand and poured the white dress singer red wine. Natasha had not time to recover, as Lyme shouted: "Hey, all the photographers here! and... poured in Podolsk neckline another glass of wine.The guests went away at five o'clock in the morning, waiting for my birthday cake, and the first rays of the sun. Source: Vaikule poured Podolsky wine.

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