Girlfriend dumped Robbie Williams because of aliens

Girlfriend dumped Robbie Williams because of aliensYour loved one can be forgiven many oddities, but there is a limit.Singer and aspiring actress Aida field has thrown her star boyfriend, British rock musician Robbie Williams after his next adventure with UFOs, writes The Sun.As says one of the friends of the couple, the lovers broke up after 14 months of a romantic relationship, because the musician preferred to spend the night, digging the Internet for information about aliens than to go out to reap with his beautiful girlfriend. "Aida drew attention to Robbie, because he was different from those of the Los Angeles young people, to which she was accustomed," said a PAL of the star. - But in the end it is this difference and put an end to their affair: it differed too much". In addition, Aida was annoyed by the lack of the singer's interest in secular life.Earlier it was reported that the singer is busy recording a new album, but friends Robbie admitted that at the recording Studio he does not even appear. So, 2 weeks ago, unable to bear the night finding her lover, Aida gathered his things and went away from Robbie."He's just obsessed with aliens. Several nights in a row he sat in front of the monitor just before dawn, not even lying down to sleep, " says a source to the tabloid. Robbie is a very generous man. He was ready to give all Aida. However, it seems he never took her to a restaurant or club as you would a normal guy, meeting with such a sexy woman.".

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