Yana Churikova's getting married

Yana Churikova's getting marriedWell-known TV presenter Yana Churikova, recently survived a tough divorce with her first husband Ivan Cyminum, made a willful decision not long to grieve.Not so long ago, Yana made an offer hands and hearts of her current lover is a famous businessman Denis Lazarev. Good news Ian shared with colleagues in the corridors of the Ostankino.Novel"The daughter of the regiment" First channel is now on the seventh heaven from happiness. The chosen star of the blue screen became the owner of a large PR company Denis Lazarev. Now tie a couple of the most sincere and warm feelings. This summer is perhaps the most happy for Yana. After all, they already went on holiday together and spent time on the most expensive resorts in the world. She Churikova did not hide a new passion, and at social parties openly appears with Denis.Yana recently came in "Ostankino" and shared with us the good news - tell colleagues Churikova. Denis made her an offer and she accepted.As it became known LIFE.RU the wedding is scheduled for early spring of next year. The groom was convincing Ian to celebrate a happy event abroad: in Paris or Milan, but native land Churikova closer. She insisted that the ceremony was held in his native Moscow. Now, the future spouses have chosen the Registrar, and on the following principle: the farther away from the Garden ring - the better. Jan is easy to understand the upcoming holiday - event of a personal nature, and the star would not want to commit it to the public.LoveNew clever choice of the Yana (with her colleagues) became the owner of the capital's largest PR company Denis Lazarev. Their romance began about a year ago. To the naked eye it was obvious that Ian is getting prettier day by day. But the woman adorns only love! Now Churikova am extremely happy with the beloved man.DivorceThat in the family of Yana Churikova and directed by Ivan Tsybin not going smoothly, at work we presenter knew a long time ago. Friends said that her husband recently Jan cool and all manifestations of his love and care is responsible for only a smile.- Ian for quite a long time does not live with her husband, - has told to the correspondent LIFE.RU friends of Malediwy, she's off with some other man, with him and lives. Source: Yana Churikova's getting married.

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