Bianca gave the club a scandal

Bianca gave the club a scandalUkrainian awards ceremony Showtime R-n-B/Hip-Hop Awards 2008, held last weekend at the club "arena", an incident happened.Singer Bianca, complaining to the award ceremony in the company of a dozen people, the organizers gave too little a table at which all accompanying't fit.Slamming the door, the singer went along with the team. Only due to the persuasion of the lacrimal party organizers, Bianca party on the left, however, she waited for the awards in its category on the first floor of the entertainment complex. Waiting singer was justified - it recognized the best r-n-b and hip-hop project of the CIS, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda - Ukraine". Source: Bianca staged at the club scandal.

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