An acquaintance of the parents of Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend.

An acquaintance of the parents of Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend.It's always exciting to introduce your boyfriend to your parents, especially when your boyfriend is actually a girl.Then imagine how worried Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson when they invited their mothers to lunch together in new York, writes The Sun.DJ Sam long been accustomed to find a way out of the most difficult situations, however, it is noticeable that she is very nervous heading this woman's company, consisting of mom Samantha Ann Dexter Jones, Lindsay and her mother Dina Lohan. Lindsay even dressed up for such a solemn occasion and changed its transparent blouse with gorgeous neckline on a stretched sweater.Now already for anybody not a secret that scandalous starlet Lindsay Lohan is a girl with a different sexual orientation. After a series of revelatory photos of the actress in the arms of Amanda on his 22nd birthday Lindsay held a press-conference on which has informed that they are a sexual minority and prefers women to men.Recall that a former friend of the actress, the daughter of Yahoo boss Courtney Semel recently discovered spicy Podrobnosti gay novel. However, CSOs as an actress has made a scandalous confession, her parents are very ambiguous otzyvalis about her relationship with the girls. When the father of Lindsay, Michael has appeared on television, he said that about the Platonic relationship between his daughter and Ronson to talk is ridiculous. He also stressed that he prefers to know nothing about this regard, despite the fact that she is already evident. Meanwhile, the actress mother, Dina Lohan, very evasively answered the question about the relationship between Lohan and Ronson. "If she's happy then I'm happy too. Samantha is a great girl. I know her and her family for 10 years," said Dina Lohan. Source: was an acquaintance of the parents of Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend..

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