Joseph Prigogine tired of the whims of the stars

Joseph Prigogine tired of the whims of the starsLike most popular projects on the television show "You're a superstar" will be continued. May be involved in the new project will be Linda and Jeanne Aguzarova.But the wife of singer Valerie Joseph Prigogine in "You're a superstar-2" will be gone.In Prigogine there are several reasons to refuse participation in the project. But the main motive was the behavior of the participants in the show."My participation in the project was very difficult," admitted Prigogine. - Easily I was with Sergei Chelobanova, Alexei Gala, Olga Zarubina, talented and perfectly singing the valley Legostaeva and with all who underwent rebranding. I am dissatisfied with some singers that literally had to fight. No, they did something for the program, but a dramatic change is not wanted. Despite the fact that we all tried to work on the artists, most have stayed the same as it came.".As writes "the Yellow newspaper", on the show there were failures. "There were tantrums when Shura yelled: "I am not going to the draft!" I called him, led clock negotiations. It makes me so mad! More time spent not at work, and on beliefs - why would they need all this and why they should do those things and not what they themselves want. After all, as was "I'll sing It, and it will not! It will wear, but it's not!" That there were difficulties. Therefore, the second such experience I don't want. I don't want to spend hours to convince the Shura or Aziz... I Can say one thing: they are all talented. But pride does not allow them to overcome their "I" and trust more successful people.".

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