Jolie and pitt want to adopt a Chinese baby

Jolie and pitt want to adopt a Chinese babyAngelina Jolie, who is in the hospital awaiting the birth of twins, decided in the near future to adopt another child.According to the website РЎ pitt and Jolie took to heart the tragedy that occurred in may in China. Recall that in a major earthquake there killed more than 70 thousand people. Star family now raising three adopted children and a daughter, Shiloh, wants to adopt an orphan from the affected province."Despite the approaching birth, Angie and brad are already talking about another adoption, quoted by the online edition StarsLife informed sources of the magazine "National Enquirer". - Angelina terribly upset about what happened in China, she was constantly in touch with the volunteers who worked at the site of the tragedy from the UN, and in her hands were the pictures of orphans. She wanted to offer your home for one of them - or even the two Chinese orphans, if they want to live it". Source: Jolie and pitt want to adopt a Chinese baby.

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