In China Lolita fully healed

In China Lolita fully healedNot so long ago Moscow doctors made lolita disappointing diagnosis of "nervous exhaustion". According to the newspaper "7 days", the singer and TV presenter is so actively worked, quite exhausted herself.Besides lolita haunted three painful spinal hernia, she was limping and could not sit. Medicine prescribed by doctors, have not yielded substantial results. And then to help lolita's friends came. They advised her to go to China to local Professor Gao. Lolita, do not hesitate for a minute, flew to China."In China I didn't bring a single book or magazine - to relieve head. And most importantly, forbade myself to think about work," said "7 days" singer.Every day Lolita spent four hours in a special hospital, where she was doing all kinds of massages, including hot stones. A special delight of the singer caused hour foot massage. Even lolita regularly did acupuncture on the abdomen and back.The singer did not have to use pills, no chemicals in the Wellness course was not listed. Especially for her miracle Dr. Gao was herbal teas and infusions, recipes are kept in the strictest confidence.In between procedures, the singer who enjoyed walking around the city, sunbathed and swam in the pool.Two-week course of treatment in Chinese brought lo the long-awaited healing."The result exceeded all expectations: on the second day I have "eyes lit up", and two weeks later, I again became healthy and cheerful man," shared joy singer. Source: China Lolita fully healed.

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