Artemy Lebedev is hospitalized with a gunshot wound

Artemy Lebedev is hospitalized with a gunshot woundThe founder of one of the first studios web design in the country, a pioneer of the Runet Artemy Lebedev recently went to the Metropolitan hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. The designer has lost a lot of blood and was urgently operated, and then transferred to intensive care.As reported in the First city hospital on Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow, where Lebedev is now, of complications after surgery was not followed. The patient feels well, can move independently. He has already been transferred to a regular room, and the rest of the week will likely be discharged.However, according to information from other sources, surgery is generally not needed. Meanwhile, Lebedev himself in his online blog wrote, that unit was, but now is in the house. Just a couple of days ago Artemia, in his own words, could barely walk, and today was going to go for a walk in the Neskuchny garden.Information about the circumstances in which 33-year-old Lebedev received a gunshot wound, has not yet been reported. We only know that in the hospital he came alone.This is not the first story with a criminal shade, which was well-known web designer. Three years ago, he also acted as the victim. At the end of December 2005, Lebedev appealed to the police, stating that three unknown men broke into his office and stole a large sum of money and property, thereby undermining his firm.As told by the victim, the robbers entered the office, which is located in the house in N5 Gazetny lane, and threatened the two occupants in the room managers, chained them handcuffed to the pipe. After that unknown persons broke into the safe and stole $30 thousand, seven cell phones and a laptop. The total damage caused by criminals, was about 900 thousand rubles.And most recently, on June 11 of this year, the mediation Board "LiveJournal" has blocked the blog Lebedev. This decision was made in connection with the publication of naked pictures of a girl who allegedly is a minor. Subsequently, however, the online diary was unlocked. Source: Artemy Lebedev was hospitalized with a gunshot wound.

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