Yuri Rost received `the Book of the year`

Yuri Rost received `the Book of the year`Photobook Yuri Growth Group portrait on the background of the century" won the annual national contest "book of the year". Among the winners also Yevgeny Yevtushenko and prose writer Vladimir Sharov.The awarding was held on Wednesday in the Academic musical theatre of a name of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow, RIA Novosti reported.Photographer, journalist and writer Yuri Rost received from the hands of the Minister of communications and mass media Igor Shchegolev figurine in the shape of an egg, inside of which you can see a thumbnail image of the book is the winner."It's a good project, the combination of a book-portrait, a sketch, a prototype of multimedia journalism. But the creativity of the author of the very book. And "Group portrait" book and relevant, and at the same time historical, including meeting interesting people and scenery very difficult time," the Minister said, handing the prize to the winner.For his series "a Group portrait on the background of the century" in 2001, Growth has received a State award.All the awards were presented in ten categories. In the "Prose of the year" won the novel by Vladimir Sharov "Be like children", in "Poetry of the year" - a collection of "All Yevtushenko: Poems 1937-2007", "Russian business" - the book "the Cross of Chubais" Michael Berger. In Humanitas nomination jury awarded the victory to the book Lyudmila Sarakinos "Alexander Solzhenitsyn" from the series "life of remarkable people: the Biography continues." The winner in the new category "Towel vyshyvany" was a collection of materials on the history of Ukrainian-Russian family of XVI-XX centuries "Laughing time is over people, stubborn people, the Church was cocked...".The winners were awarded with diplomas and statuettes of "Going with the book", made by the sculptor Vladimir Trunover. Source: Yuri Rost received the "Book of the year"".

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