Plastic surgery: pros and cons

Plastic surgery: pros and consFor many years, plastic surgery was only affordable to the rich and famous people.Do famous people have the need to be constantly in sight, their appearance should be perfect, shouldn't be noticeable signs of old age, their appearance should be the standard. So very often, when it comes to cosmetic surgery, this field of medicine is associated primarily with representatives of show business. They did the plastic body so popular.In most cases, when women come to the plastic surgeon, they have stacks of magazines with famous people, in order to show the desired Breasts of Pamela Anderson, waist like Marilyn Monroe, hips like Jennifer Lopez, etc. However, the male half does the same procedure, looking at the cover of a glossy magazine "of the eyes as Richard Gere". But not always the desire to be like his idol forcing us to turn to plastic surgeons.Birth defects, post-traumatic scars, surgical scars spoil the appearance and adversely affect the self-esteem of a person. It happens sometimes that a person having no defect from birth still feels not beautiful enough. Quite often a negative attitude to any part of the body turns into an obsession, gives us an inferiority complex and difficult for people to be happy. They become withdrawn, avoid the society of others, are experiencing excessive stress and frustration, they have reduced self-esteem. The only way to get rid of the inferiority complex remains surgery.When the deep-rooted inferiority complex one plastic surgery helps a little. After you have fixed one flaw, immediately there will be another, then find another and so on. In this situation, better seek the advice of a therapist rather than a plastic surgeon. The pursuit of perfect beauty leads people to plastic surgery. This is quite natural, because everything beautiful attracts the eye. The desire to please others and yourself, comparable to the need for food and sleep. Today the services of plastic surgeons used by thousands of people.Most of them are not stars and wealthy people, and people with average incomes. Not everyone completely understands why he decided to change some parts of the body. According to statistics, only a third of the patients need plastic. All the other "go under the knife" because you can't overcome psychological barriers and to learn to assess themselves adequately. Many do not think about what the changed part of the body or physical appearance can make a person quite normal, in appearance will not be anything that would attract attention. It was after the surgery, the patient realizes that he has lost "highlights", individual features, but it's too late. It is therefore very important before plastic surgery to determine who the person wants to please: yourself or others... there is not a surgeon, even the most experienced cannot give an absolute guarantee of a successful outcome of the operation. This is an important caveat to consider before you decide on the change of appearance.No one is safe from bending and postoperative complications. To this the patient should be ready in the first place. During rehabilitation, the role played by age, General health condition, the human psyche, pain treatments. When the successful outcome may disappoint a result, the lips are not what I would like to see them. It is extremely important to be psychologically ready for any kind of surprises, and this can only be done one way - the solution to the plastic should be made deliberately. Source: Plastic surgery: pros and cons.

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