Galkin like that `marry` Pugacheva

Galkin like that `marry` Pugacheva"The wedding's off," said the humorist, denying all the rumors about his loving relationship with a Diva.Meanwhile, the media, passionate about personal life of stars completely forgot about it telecharger: Galkin will be the next host of "Dancing on ice" instead Zavorotnyuk .When Anastasia Zavorotniuk from the ice show on the channel "Russia" went over to the First channel, in the show "Ice age", the organizers were shocked. Such act "the perfect nanny" they didn't expect, says Komsomolskaya Pravda.The situation had to be addressed urgently. And September 15, the journalists presented a new host of project - parodist Maxim Galkin. "The offer to become the host of the show "Dancing on ice" I received two weeks ago - told us Maxim. - I have long pondered, agreed almost immediately. I love all these ice shows. But here in "Ice age" I wasn't invited, I'm there only in the jury present. To "Dance" I'll be in my shoes because skating even not able to stand. Moreover, fear of skates. So sometimes as a co-host with me will be Evgeni Plushenko. Oh, he is on the ice stands.It is worth noting that in the near future the project will be significant changes. The first two seasons of "Dancing" were licensed, and a new show is made according to the original idea of the channel "Russia".To the question, how did Alla Borisovna to a new purpose of your pet, Maxim said, "I would not have to ship until this news, and immediately decided to comment on the recent secular gossip about her wedding."Immediately, I take this opportunity to announce that despite all the rumors we with Alla Borisovna not planning a wedding and get married too, I'm not," said the presenter. - Although I like that I "marry" Pugacheva. This is an honor and a pleasure. Sometimes of course, I give myself an excuse for gossip. For example, recorded the song "My lawful wife". All took it as a hint to my wedding with Alla Borisovna. However, I just liked the song..."! Source: Galkin like that "marry" Pugacheva.

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