In the new film adaptation of Shakespeare's `Tempest` characters will be replaced by Paul

In the new film adaptation of Shakespeare's `Tempest` characters will be replaced by PaulThe Director of the musical "Across the Universe Julie Taymor, different experimental approach to the material, changed the gender of the protagonist in the upcoming adaptation of the play by William Shakespeare "the Tempest".Prospero became Prosperous, and will play her Helen Mirren. The film also will be busy with Jeremy irons, felicity Jones, Djimon Hounsou, Geoffrey rush, Russell Brand, Alfred Molina and Ben whishaw.Prospero Shakespeare - the former Duke of Milan, dethroned his brother, now a powerful wizard. According to Taymor, the main heroine of prosper will also be a sorceress. Like Shakespeare, she'll have her daughter Miranda (felicity Jones), with whom she lives on a remote island in the company of the savage Caliban (Djimon Hounsou) and spirit air Ariel (Ben whishaw).Comedian Russell Brand got the role of a jester Trinculo; Alonzo, king of Naples will play Jeremy irons, and his Butler-the drunkard Stephano - Alfred Molina. Geoffrey rush will probably be approved for the role of Gonzalo, adviser Alonzo: negotiations with the actor's not finished.For Julie Taymor's "the Tempest" will be the second appeal to the works of the great bard. Former postanoxic Broadway, Taymor made her debut in the drama movie "Titus" starring Anthony Hopkins. Interestingly, the Director has had to do with the production of "the Tempest", but in the theatre, in 1986. The Shakespeare play has been repeatedly adapted for the screen, and the first attempt took place in 1911.In English-speaking countries distributor of the movie will be disney subsidiary Miramax. With the Studio at Disney Taymor long established good relationships: she put on the Broadway musical "the lion King" according to the cartoon, which was very popular. Unfortunately, the attempt Taymor to put a musical in a movie failed. Shot it on songs of the Beatles film "Across the Universe" has earned in world hire a little less than $ 30 million spent at forty-five.Most likely, the Tempest Taymor better luck: such a concentration of the nominees and winners of the award "Oscar" per square centimeter of the film manage to meet quite rare. Source: the new film adaptation of Shakespeare's "the Tempest" characters will be replaced by Paul.

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