A list of the most notorious troublemakers show business

A list of the most notorious troublemakers show business For these stars there is no such thing as black PR and notoriety.They are sure to gain popularity all means are good: in the course are shooting homemade porn, alcohol and drugs, nudity and disgusting manner of dress. TMZ.com released a list of the loudest troublemakers show business.No one even doubt that this will lead questionable hit parade 24-year-old singer Amy Winehouse, who recently attracted attention with their music, and problems with drugs and alcohol. Recently, the tabloid The Sun published a video in which a woman similar to Winehouse smokes crack cocaine and says about how ecstasy and valium. Which became this year's winner of the Grammy awards, Amy also recognized as the most sexy woman in the world, according to FHM.Stories about worldly amusements "mean girls" Nicole Richie already navyazli on everyone's teeth, and the actress also looks, frankly, it doesn't matter.Recently it was scary to watch because of the problems with the eating disorder - it was a leather-covered skeleton. Becoming a young mother, Nicole, however, has podnabral weight, but Smoking and defiant never stopped.Former model Pamela Anderson stuck out his tongue and was like "toon". Because career pam recently began to decline, the celebrity status in her case support walking in mini bikini and many reports about her marriages and divorces.Rumor has it that the last nose of Michael Jackson was made from a piece of his own ear. Thus, the legendary "elephant man" without a fight knocked out.Singer Victoria Beckham is tired to be naked in front of an audience, and this time decided to "hide" in heavy armor, pulling up all that was possible, and glasses, and a hat, and a strange grey mantle. By the way, recently there have been persistent rumors that the former participant of group Spice Girls pregnant with fourth child. But under that the Cape hides a rounded tummy?Starlet Courtney Love has repeatedly altered his face. Recently she even began to look more careful, however, "privatest" favourite style and grunge have not gone away. Recently, the rock singer said that unknown people had stolen from her house in California dust the leader of the group Nirvana Kurt Cobain.One gets the feeling that the more star clothing similar to the cloth, the more it costs. So scandalous model Kate Kassrachel to hit a social gathering, donning a shaggy rug for the bathroom and the curtain.Controversial rocker Pete Doherty is bad on your feet. Still. The last time he was often prosecuted for possession of cocaine, heroin, ketamine and marijuana. What else would you expect from a person who "forced" their own cats and also met with Kate moss."Primatesta and musician of the band Aerosmith Steven Tyler not far behind the young colleagues. Under the gun cameras of the paparazzi rock veteran sitting on the beach, looking at your own male organ. Source: List of the most notorious troublemakers show business (photo).

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