Britney Spears takes a kid in a toy Cadillac

Britney Spears takes a kid in a toy Cadillac Driving talent Britney Spears - byword. She constantly breaks the rules and gets in an accident. Apparently, since the court forbade her to carry children in his car, she decided to take the toy caddy.Miss Spears recently allowed to spend more time with children, and she actively enjoys it. For example, yesterday she sons staged impromptu race around the Hollywood area Studio City, writes Daily Mail.It seems that the life of 26-year-old former pop Princess is getting better, notes the magazine Ok. Recently a two-Sean Preston and polutorogodovaloy Jaydon James spend more time in her California mansion. Warmer relations with Britney's ex-husband and legal guardian children Kevin and motherhood. Not sitting Spears and without work - the other day she participated in the filming of the new video of the Pussycat Dolls as a guest star. Source: Britney Spears carries children in a toy Cadillac (photo).

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