In the Russian rolling out the movie `righteous kill`

In the Russian rolling out the movie `righteous kill`"Righteous kill / Righteous kill" by John Avnet, released Thursday, has the potential to become a sensation.The audience for the third time will have the opportunity to see two of the greatest actors - Robert De Niro and al Pacino in one movie. However, how good is it when in one shot actors are of equal importance and level, everyone can decide for himself.Pretty fat Robert De Niro speaks directly into the lens Amateur camera that he's a COP and a serial killer, dispatched to the light 15 or 16 people. And what happens next is a story, passed to his words.The story is that two COP (De Niro and Pacino) are investigating a case about a mysterious killer whose handwriting can be traced in all senses, including the literal. Beside each corpse is found the scrap of paper on which hand-written a few rhymed lines. The corpses also not so simple: every one of them a potential criminal, one way or another departed from the prison punishment or other retaliation. It's the pimps, drug dealers, rapists, Russian mobsters and other criminals.Thus, the killer turns out to be a sort of Robin hood, but is a little worried about some police officers approaching retirement age and two young servants of the law (Leguizamo and John Wahlberg), which is either put to first, whether they accidentally constantly confronted by the same bodies. Care investigators one thing: the killer knows all the deeds of their victims, that is, it can only be a COP, even worse: he's one of four. Or five: De Niro cohabits with a Pro from criminological Department (Carla gugino), which is also much known.Because Robert De Niro is revealed right at the opening credits and as, inter alia, that his character is immediately under suspicion, it becomes clear to the viewer from the first minute that it is not so simple. What a catch you can expect anywhere from anywhere. The Director, Jon Avnet, even more convinces the viewer in this opinion: in each frame is holding something back, neopositivist and a lot more flawed.The Avnet - directed with a very dubious reputation. If there is something to remember in his short filmography, so it's only previous work "88 minutes" with Pacino, which is so quietly appeared on American screens, it quickly released on DVD and calmed down. The Avnet is better known as a producer and also a very strange sense: among the many projects is the "sky captain and the World of tomorrow", which is often not mentioned in connection with the advanced special effects and extravagant picture, and the failure of this ambitious film. So if the viewer will have claims to the "Right to murder", the issues can be addressed directly to the Director.A claim will be. It's not that a film with this cast very damp adopted in the United States (the fourth place in last weekend). The fact that the story could submit like candy, can seem boring, sluggish and simply uninteresting. This despite the fact that the script cannot be called bad, the dialogues are excellent, and some of the phrases and beg to potpourri. In another case.The main problem is playing the main roles. It does not matter that one COP's name is Turk, and the other rooster. It is important that one plays Robert De Niro and the other al Pacino. Two of the main actor in modern Hollywood and world cinema that never was filmed really together. If "the Godfather - 2" clear: there their heroes live in different time-frames, in a "Fight" though there are scenes where they interact, but some especially sharp eye on critics noticed that in the film Miele Mann there is not one second where De Niro and Pacino were all together in one shot. There are even a legend or a joke that legendary dialogue in a "Fight" when two antagonist talk with you face to face in a diner, was filmed separately: first Robbie, then Pacino.Anyway, Pacino and De Niro in the same movie, in a single frame, the third (or first what version you like) once in my life - it was supposed to be the bomb. But the bombs did not happen. Let's not blame everything on the Director. Just in the "Right" it is quite clear that these two cannot and should not be in the same frame, but still like to play as partners-police.Pacino and De Niro is an eternal constant conflict. The conflict between father and son. The conflict gangster and police. One school of acting. In the film of Avnet two - let's be honest - aged actor, skirmish jokes-quotes, but no conflict. At least 100 minutes of screen time 80 is walking up-and-down two policemen, pretending that they were still in shape. Let one of them fierce and angry, and the other delicate and diplomatic. Let alone play baseball, the other in chess. Bomb between them, the sparks for the ignition, even in the final. Neither the one nor the other is trying to say that he is better. And too sad.Otherwise, the "Right to murder" is quite a strong mystery, with its secrets and fears. But as soon as the two legendary actor, just forget about it and begin - it is futile to wait for revelation. Inevitably envy Russian actor Taktarov: "wow, in one scene with Pacino played!" Although, perhaps, there are the machinations of installation, as Taktarov playing with palsy gangster, and Pacino seems to be in one frame are not present. Look at a slow speed. Although, much much slower. Source: Russian rolling out the film "license to kill"".

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