After the mass, the Pope went missing dish rare

After the mass, the Pope went missing dish rareCeremonial dish that was used by Pope Benedict XVI during mass at Lourdes (Lourdes, France, was stolen immediately after mass.Silver-gilt dish, created not later than the middle of the eighteenth century, was kept in one of the monasteries located near Lourdes. The dish was specially provided by the monastery for the festive divine service during the visit of the Pope of Rome 13-15 September, when Lourdes was celebrated the 150th anniversary of apparitions of the virgin Mary.Despite increased security measures that accompanied the visit of Benedict XVI, the attackers were able to steal Church plate, said representatives of the monastery, who owned the dish. Details of the theft they did not specify, saying only that the dish was gone immediately after Liturgy.Dish, AFP said second rarity, disappearing at Lourdes during a visit to the pontiffs of this venerated by Catholics. In 2004, thieves stole the cloth from the altar in a few minutes after a solemn mass held by the predecessor Benedict XVI, John Paul II. Source: After the mass, the Pope went missing dish rare.

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