Former President `Inkombank` died of a stroke

Former President `Inkombank` died of a strokeToday died the former President of Inkombank Vladimir Vinogradov. This "Echo of Moscow" said the President of the Association of Russian banks Garegin Tosunyan.According to him, "Vinogradov - a bright, talented person, but was very sick and was in serious condition for many years." The collapse of "Inkombank" during the default of 1998 greatly undermined his health.As the President of ARB, Vinogradov was one of the pioneers of" creating a banking system in modern Russia, founded the Moscow banking Union and was its President for almost 10 years, and then participated in the creation of the Association of Russian banks created on the basis of the Russian banking Union.Vladimir Vinogradov was 52 years old. He died of a stroke. Source: Former President of Inkombank died of a stroke.



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