Naomi Campbell is going to give birth

Naomi Campbell is going to give birth"Black Panther" Naomi Campbell has got new boyfriend and turned into a meek lamb.Dark-skinned model is literally immersed in the passion, enjoying the gentle sun of the island of Capri with her lover - Brazilian entrepreneur Marcus Elias, writes The Daily Mail.Persistent rumors about the novel models and wealthy Brazilian businessman appeared in the month of February: due quarrelsome temper Naomi a couple then converged, diverged. However, the last time they calm, they are inseparable from the time of the Cannes film festival.Strangely, in recent years this is the first such long-standing Association supermodel. Prior to that, in a list of her favorite men fell and millionaire Badr Jafr and the boss of Formula 1 Flavio Briatore, and "poor" U2 bassist Adam Clayton.In February of this year, Naomi met Marcus at the Vogue party in Sao Paulo. They say it was love at first sight, and love constantly stir up the rumors about the engagement. So, Naomi stated that no objection "to become a mother of a couple of Brazilian kids".But in order to safely give birth, the brawler will have to leave all your bad habits. According to media reports, a week ago, she got drunk again "rubbish", while having fun at the party with Markus and John Furnished, spouse Elton John.Too drunk, supermodel stumbled and almost fell to the ground. Its literally on the fly caught assistant Lina of Sikorae. But the amazing thing is that at this time, Marcus and John didn't even try to help Naomi - they just stood by and laughed loudly. However, according to EURweb Naomi insists that it was just a game. "It was just fun, not a commitment to alcohol. Naomi played in the fall on trust, when you fall at the hands of friends," said her agent.Overall, "the black Panther" will be quite a fruitful year. Besides the fact that her novel is likely to end with a wedding, it is likely that she will have to spend some time behind bars. Model charged with assaulting police officers at Heathrow airport. Good career develops and Naomi - a few days before the death of Yves Saint Laurent, she was appointed as the representative of the fashion house YSL. Source: Naomi Campbell is going to give birth.

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