Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum showed their shape

Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum showed their shape Two supermodels last week decided to throw some bread paparazzi. Relaxing with loved ones on the boat (well, where else to relax supermodels?!), Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum demonstrated to everyone that, in spite of marital status and age, both are still in excellent shape.Cindy Crawford from his vacation and did put on quite a show!The supermodel threw this Italian sailors, arranging the strip aboard a private yacht.However it all started decently - Cindy just basking in the sun in the company of her husband Randy Gerber. Bathed, in General, rested, not drawing attention to yourself.Until suddenly a 42-year-old star of the podium came up with the idea to be naked.And all anything, if it hadn't happened in front of the Italian sailors, located not far from stellar yacht.Although, it seems no accident that Cindy suddenly decided to be naked, because after breaking up with his girlfriend, a waitress Sarah Larson, yacht models "hung" the sex symbol of Hollywood George Clooney.Clooney joined a couple Gerber-Crawford, when their yacht was still in the South of France.Bachelor, enjoying life, read the newspaper, lying in the sun, while married model sports jumped from the tower of a boat in the pool and was submerged in sea water.Not separated from my colleagues and the other star of the runway - Heidi Klum.A mother of three children, relaxing in the society of her husband the singer's Strength, also hastened to throw hateful linen.Once again confirming the title of one of the sexiest models in the world.And papparazzi only had time to take photos of holidaymakers models. And all of use! One fees, others attention. Source: Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum showed their shape (photo).

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