Ex-girlfriend Verne Troyer told about their sex games

Ex-girlfriend Verne Troyer told about their sex gamesIf your partner is two times lower than you, then full-on sex with him - a very difficult task. However, as shown by the entry homemade porn actor midget Verne Troyer and her former mistress Renee Shreider, the small size is not a hindrance to the rapid orgasm.After a candid video of Troyer, best known for playing Mini-me in the spy Comedy "Austin powers", was leaked online, the 22-year-old actress Renee opened the newspaper News of the World the juicy details of their intimate relations with the dwarf."I never even imagined that one day I would like to start Dating with a man who hardly gets me knee - confessed hot brunette. - But as soon as I met Vern, I was fascinated by his personality, so that growth does not have much value. For 6 months I even gave up high heels"."Of course, sex with Right is strikingly different from anything I had experienced before, because I had to kneel down just to hug him. So any sexual position except the traditional "missionary" were virtually impossible. To have sex, he crawled all over my legs so that his feet began to tickle my knees, " shared the actress. I can't say that our sex was as passionate as sex with a normal man, but he was struggling. What he lacked in height, he tried to make up for technique. Also, he never wore condoms - they all were great to him.".

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