Model Alice did `caught` with drugs

Model Alice did `caught` with drugsApparently the glory of the most stylish women in the world, Kate moss, is haunted by her envious colleagues. Here are the young models in the footsteps of Coca Princess, strictly following the path of life Kate.In the fashion world, broke another scandal: scandalous photo supermodel Alice was Doing drugs, was leaked to the media. The face of Mango jeans collection and one of the sexiest women in the world photographed in a completely inadequate form, next to it is the Bank card, white powder and hollow tubule, writes The Daily Mail.In the beginning of the year Alice replaced her idol Kate moss as the face of Agent Provocateur, also 20-year-old beauty works as a model for Mango and Vivienne Westwood. Close friends are shocked published photographs, in their opinion, the cocaine "photoshoot" can easily ruin the career of a star in the Zenith of its glory.In the first photo, taken in July, Alice and her friend fool around, looking straight into the camera. Beside them on the box from under the DVD are all the attributes necessary for cocaine use, including a suspicious white powder. In the second picture, taken in March of this year, Alice, dressed in a skirt and brand jacket sitting on the sofa of one of night clubs of London and holds something strongly resembling a bag of cocaine dose.It is worth noting that aunt Alice, Susie died of a heroin overdose when I was studying in Paris. However, in all likelihood, the sad experience of a relative not learnt from successful top model.Recall that the time in the press published pictures of Kate sniffing cocaine in the company of his young boyfriend from Babyshamble Peter Doherty. Then many believed that the career moss is coming to an end. With her severed contracts with H&M, Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, Burberry and Calvin Klein. The model has lost more than 5.5 million dollars, she wasn't invited to the main event of the year in the world of fashion - London Fashion week. However, the star of the catwalks managed to rehabilitate and to restore the former status of the most stylish women in the world. Source: Model Alice did "caught" with drugs.



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