Movie marathon at the MIFF gaining momentum

Movie marathon at the MIFF gaining momentumThe Moscow film festival was in the shadow of the football championship and the Russian victory over the Dutch national team. If you use a sports metaphor, the festival now runs the group stage.As at Euro 2008 main events of the 30th MIFF is yet to come.Already started the screening of films in the main competition, Director retrospectives and non-competitive program. The winner will be announced at the closing ceremony on 28 June, and while at the Moscow public has a chance to look at the main contenders for the prize, go on a good old movie or show on the big screen paintings, which you will not see in an ordinary rental.The competition is not excelling unexpected and strong work, suggesting to the jury and spectators ordinary festival cinema without the frills.Competition program of the 30th International film festival"Absurdistan" // "Absurdistan".

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