In Australia, the scandal of images of naked children

In Australia, the scandal of images of naked childrenIn Sydney in may this year, almost immediately after the opening was closed with an exhibition of photographs by bill Henson, which depicted naked children.Police seized the pictures and launched an investigation. The case was dismissed after the evaluation of experts that is art, not pornography.However, this was not the end. The July issue of the magazine Art Monthly Australia in protest against the closure of the exhibition came out with a picture of a naked six year old girl on the cover. In the photo, which caused a scandal, captured naked girl sitting in front of a painting in which paint is written in the landscape.The Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd spoke out against this picture in the Nude on the cover of the art magazine. Formerly, Rudd called exhibits the failed show "outrageous.". . Читать полностью -->

The first photos of daughter Holly berry in a public place

The first photos of daughter Holly berry in a public place Yesterday's 5-month-old adorable daughter Halle berry the Nakhla Abriella Aubrey was the first time photographed in a public place. Holly the baby is accompanied by his mother Judith and bodyguard - visited the Los Angeles zoo.Earlier, the actress never wanted to pose with the baby for expensive photo-session of some of the prestigious publication. Last month, after the paparazzi using telescopic lenses photographed Holly with a girl in the yard of her own home, the star said: "Gabriel and I have a negative attitude to the sale of photographs of our daughter and any other use of Nahla for commercial purposes. And I will do all possible to ensure the safety of the girl to shield her from public view.". . . Читать полностью -->

Another novel Jennifer aniston ended in a rupture

Another novel Jennifer aniston ended in a rupture39-year-old Jennifer aniston is still unlucky in love: her affair with 30-year-old musician John Mayer, which began in April, ended in a rupture.The decision to discontinue semi-annual novel was mutual. Jen and John too much time spent apart: the actress on set, and Meyer - in the tour.However, the relationship between the now former lovers remained friendly: the other day the paparazzi noticed aniston in hours donated by John. With the Blackberry, another gift of the musician, Jennifer is also not going to give up. Source: Another novel by Jennifer aniston ended in a rupture. . . Читать полностью -->

Zhanna Friske will become a member of the project `Dancing on ice`

Zhanna Friske will become a member of the project `Dancing on ice`Popular singer, many times receiving the title of the sexiest women of Russia, Zhanna Friske in the new season will become the participant of the project of TV channel "Russia" "Dancing on ice".As informs "Your day", more recently, the singer herself has proposed its candidacy to the organizers of the show of the First channel "Ice age". But a famous figure skater and producer of "Ice age" Ilya Averbukh Friske refused under the pretext that this project, for all her talents, obviously not for her.But in "Dancing on ice" Friske refused. Former"brilliant" and has already begun rehearsals for its ice program. Who among skaters will become a partner of 34-year-old star is still unknown. Source: Zhanna Friske will become a participant of the project "Dances on ice"". . Читать полностью -->

Lindsay Lohan and her lesbian friend get married

Lindsay Lohan and her lesbian friend get marriedBritish DJ Samantha Ronson, famous for its gay and lesbian community has officially confirmed that within the next 6 months, the actress Lindsay Lohan will be her lawful wife, writes The Sun.During a party in one of night clubs of Los Angeles Chateau Marmont Sam announced to the guests: "By the end of the year, my love will be Mrs. Ronson... Today we finally see the true power of women. If you underestimate her, you underestimate the world.". . . Читать полностью -->

About `pregnant man`, rodellega July 4, will shoot the film

About `pregnant man`, rodellega July 4, will shoot the filmThe British broadcasting company DCD Media Plc will take for Channel 4 hour documentary about the world's first "pregnant man" Thomas Beatie, to which the DCD will be exclusive access.Beatie was born a woman, Tracy Lagondino and even participated in a beauty contest in Hawaii, but later began taking hormones and decided to get a sex change operation. In particular, he made a "breast reconstruction", but did not remove the female reproductive organs. As a man, Beatie married Nancy and decided makes for her child, whom she could not conceive because her several years before, had her uterus removed.34-year-old Biti said in an interview to the Times: "the Desire to have a biological child - the desire for women or men and men.". . . . Читать полностью -->

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