Artists haunts of the famous painting by Malevich

Artists haunts of the famous painting by MalevichA dozen contemporary artists, going on summer vacation, I decided to once again sing in the new manner known image of the "Black square" by Malevich.What came out of it, can be seen at the exhibition "100% blacksquare", which is now in Moscow. As might be expected, the dialogue with Malevich was mixed: some openly admire him, others strive to pry and be thrown from the pedestal.Along with dolls, caviar and ushanka "Black square" by Kazimir Malevich, Dating back to 1915, long since turned into a national, cultural and commercial brand. Even if one is not versed in the currents of Russian avant-garde, his iconic work in this direction POPs up immediately. POPs up, usually in a sarcastic and ironic context: that's modern art, complete degradation when the painting remains in the truest sense of the black hole! In the late 1990-ies the exhibition Malevich at the Tretyakov gallery browser "OR" had to watch infinite group, staying for a long time about the "Square". Needed to hear what comments were given by the tour guides to explain the picture." Here you and the struggle of light with darkness, and the icon of the most cruel and inhuman of the twentieth century, and some complicated mathematical ratios, coupled with the mystical insights. In General, the number of interpretations is crazy and insinuations "Black square" is right behind "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci.Nothing surprising in the fact that "Square" is a special kind of artistic currency, which goes hand in hand in almost all contemporary Russian galleries and museums. Читать полностью -->

Andrey Danilko umbrage at Ukrainian politicians

Andrey Danilko umbrage at Ukrainian politiciansAs told "GG" knowledgeable person, due to recent events associated with Broiderie-2008, the artist has even became depressed.The fact that a few days after the finals singer Days Lorak and her chief assistant Philip from the hands of President Viktor Yushchenko received the documents conferring the title of people's artist of Ukraine". This could not be upset Danylko: last year, when flamboyant Serdyuchka took silver, Andrew promised to give a flat and even to name a street in Poltava in his honor, However, the promises were empty words.Meanwhile, after the Eurovision-2007 Danilko has received several tempting offers from Western record companies, and his banter hit "Chop, chop, AI-Liu-Liu" became an international hit. Serdyuchka was a welcome guest at Eurovision this year. "GG" wrote that her statement on the Ukrainian party in support of Ani Lorak in Belgrade paid Viktor Baturin, as the organizers invited the jurisdiction to arrive at his own expense. The artist is doubly a shame, because besides that in Russia, and the home of Sergushkino second place was first recognized, but the people's love for the well-fed lady, unlike Lorak, goes far beyond Ukraine. Source: Andrey Danilko umbrage at Ukrainian politicians. Читать полностью -->

Nicole Kidman photographed with the baby on hands

Nicole Kidman photographed with the baby on handsWorld famous actress Nicole Kidman was photographed with her 6 week baby in her arms.The pictures were taken at a time when 41 year old actress daughter named Sunday rose, which translated to English means "Sunday rose", sat in a private plane. Recall that Nicole first became a mother on July 7. The father of the baby is the husband of actress, 40 year old singer Keith urban.Still Kidman marriage with the famous actor Tom cruise lasted 10 years and was terminated in 2001. Their kids the couple was not. Kidman and cruise adopted two children: Isabella Jane and Connor Anthony. Source: Nicole Kidman photographed with the baby on hands. Читать полностью -->

Prices `Nude` photoshoot domestic movie stars

Prices `Nude` photoshoot domestic movie stars20 years ago the movie "Little Faith" was a real revelation for the domestic audience: it turned out that sex is not only with the USSR, but even in Soviet cinema.Actress Natalia Negoda instantly became a sex symbol and the first of our compatriots breast paved their way and right on the cover of American "Playboy" - as they say, for a good fee, says Komsomolskaya Pravda.Now, "nudity" on the screen hardly anyone surprised by - case put on stream, only different prices.Thus, in the period of popularity of the group "Tatu" in the West American Playboy offered girls 200 thousand dollars for candid shooting. However, the parties do not agree on the price - rumored to be a former producer of Julia Volkova and Lena Katina Ivan Shapovalov demanded with Playboy for a million euros.Sexy girls from the group "VIA Gra" take 10 thousand euros for a photo shoot.But it is known that the glossy magazines only pay units: Russian Playboy, Maxim and domestic does not pay domestic stars, the fee for the pond.Anna Kovalchuk, aka Masha Shvetsova - a humble investigator in a buttoned up suit from the series "Secrets of investigation", in the film the Master and Margarita by Vladimir Bortko appeared in a completely different manner. Her naked Margarita flies over Moscow and in a very risque outfit greets guests at the ball Woland. According to rumors, this "frankness" Anna has received 100 thousand dollars in excess of the normal fee.After the series "My fair nanny" Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was invited to a major role in the spy blockbuster "the Apocalypse Code". According to the script, the actress was not only beautiful to fight, but to undress and skillfully. "Nanny" Nude producers talked for 40 thousand dollars. Читать полностью -->

Petersburg will visit the most famous prostitute Japan

Petersburg will visit the most famous prostitute JapanIn St. Petersburg from 23 to 25 June with the visit of the famous Japanese geisha is a prostitute, Mineko Iwasaki.Her fate was the basis of the book by Arthur Golden "memoirs of a geisha, as well as the famous film based on the literary works.When Arthur Golden based on an interview with a Japanese woman wrote a book about her life "memoirs of a geisha, she took offense and filed before the court because, in its view, all moral values of Japan in the Golden book of were distorted, and the main character turned into a common whore.Achieving compensation, Iwasaki wrote his memoir "the Real life of a geisha", which is already all true. Now Minako with her husband and daughter arrived in Russia. She's about 60 years old, she's not a geisha. Source: the St. Petersburg visit the most famous prostitute Japan. Читать полностью -->

The group `Shiny` presented a new composition

The group `Shiny` presented a new compositionAfter members of the group "Brilliant" gone Zhanna Friske, the soloist began to change. And music "Muz-TV" the team unveiled its new participant - Julianna Lukasheva.But her appearance was a question - where and why he went missing Natasha Friske. In addition, the "Shiny" in the new structure preparing for the filming of the video for the song "Classmates". Days.Ru not a little puzzled by the disappearance of sister Jeanne Friske. First in the phone book was Jeanne, so we called her."I, of course, very razdosadovanna and I can say that my sister is also very concerned about it. But, apparently, she wasn't ready for it. Читать полностью -->

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