Girlfriend dumped Robbie Williams because of aliens

Girlfriend dumped Robbie Williams because of aliensYour loved one can be forgiven many oddities, but there is a limit.Singer and aspiring actress Aida field has thrown her star boyfriend, British rock musician Robbie Williams after his next adventure with UFOs, writes The Sun.As says one of the friends of the couple, the lovers broke up after 14 months of a romantic relationship, because the musician preferred to spend the night, digging the Internet for information about aliens than to go out to reap with his beautiful girlfriend. "Aida drew attention to Robbie, because he was different from those of the Los Angeles young people, to which she was accustomed," said a PAL of the star. - But in the end it is this difference and put an end to their affair: it differed too much". In addition, Aida was annoyed by the lack of the singer's interest in secular life.Earlier it was reported that the singer is busy recording a new album, but friends Robbie admitted that at the recording Studio he does not even appear. So, 2 weeks ago, unable to bear the night finding her lover, Aida gathered his things and went away from Robbie."He's just obsessed with aliens. Several nights in a row he sat in front of the monitor just before dawn, not even lying down to sleep, " says a source to the tabloid. Читать полностью -->

Vaikule poured Podolsky wine

Vaikule poured Podolsky wineOn the last day of the "New wave" at the restaurant La Riva all star Beau Monde, came to Jurmala, congratulated Maestro Igor Krutoy with 54 anniversary. Most of the guests were limited to flowers.And only Nikolai Baskov generously were wearing Cool Golden nugget. And after the usual led the entire company as their "Jukebox". For backup dancers at Baskov were Ksenia Sobchak and Lera Kudryavtseva, who called themselves "VIA Gras" for the poor, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Cooler all lit Laima Vaikule, which Kolya Baskov affectionately called "our Terminator". First Latvian "Madonna" went to dance with Vladimir Presnyakov. The dances were very peculiar: the artists were trying to cut each other between widely spaced legs. Читать полностью -->

Monica Bellucci is not shy about his body

Monica Bellucci is not shy about his body The most candid photos of the iconic actress - Monica Bellucci.Source: Monica Bellucci is not shy about his body (photos). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

`Cream` returned to Russia from prison

`Cream` returned to Russia from prisonCharming soloist of the group "Cream" Karina Koks, Victoria Loktev and Eugene Senecca, having the worst 48 hours of his life in the Moroccan pre-trial detention, yesterday returned safely to Moscow."Creamy" girls, arrived in Casablanca to choose scenic spots for the new video, spent two days in unsanitary prison conditions. Now a famous singer, once free, now plan to pass a full medical examination.We will remind, the sexy member of the pop group "Cream" on Monday night were arrested at the Casablanca airport on suspicion of transportation of counterfeit banknotes. Girls with no incidents were boarding the plane, when suddenly... without explaining anything, the whole group was asked to leave the salon. As it turned out, the Moroccan police found in a bag of a Manager "Cream" fake dollars and euros used as props in concert performances.We literally pulled out of the plane and started searching. When we said that we will wait for the Russian Consul to ascertain the circumstances, Moroccan guards, explaining nothing, forcibly dragged us into a bus and taken to the police station - shared Karina Cox.Trinity had five hours to sit without documents on the Moroccan border.- We have picked the phone... Читать полностью -->

The Serduchka take to Hollywood

The Serduchka take to HollywoodInvitation from American studios, a division of the famous Warner Brothers Entertainment singer Verka Serduchka received recently.American producers would like to see and Andrey Danilko in the way, and his entire team (mom Inna Belokon and ballet) in one of the feature films, the budget is rumored to be more than $100 million."I really sent the script," said Andrew, in English. Now translate it, I have to read, then I made a decision: to play or not. Of course, I am very pleased that we have noticed in Hollywood, but, I repeat, no contract signed yet. Besides, if it was gonna stick, I would only have to play in a small episode.". . . Читать полностью -->

Singers have lost a beloved woman

Singers have lost a beloved womanDmitry Pevtsov now busy filming the new movie about the war. Famous actor got the role of a sniper who loses a beloved woman, is badly wounded, but eventually gets a chance to take revenge on the enemy.Before the shooting in Minsk Dmitry Pevtsov two months worked with the Russian special forces, writes "KP in Belarus". The specialists had the task to train the artist all the details of the sniper case."He is a hero, on account of his dozens of dead Germans, knows the General himself, says about the character pattern editor Igor Kostyuchenko. But he almost died, the bullet near the heart. But the most terrible killed his lover, snipers Ales".The heroine dies in the very first four-part film series."Directed with producer say it will be one of the key scenes in the movie - told the editor of the film. - Abradates. Читать полностью -->

Mack moved into a new apartment

Mack moved into a new apartmentA month later, the singer Maksim will finally move into their new one-bedroom apartment near the metro station "Sokol", which was bought a year ago."I know, why did you choose this area? Always wanted to live higher, and with my twenty-fifth floor of this stunning view of Moscow open, I understood that I want to look at it every morning, " says the singer of the hits "Heaven" and "Tenderness". - I love the height and by the way, I am fond of parachuting. I admit, at first I wanted to choose an apartment closer to the center, but then realized that wouldn't be able to relax, because there are very noisy. And here are quiet and peaceful area, besides my house is in a protected area.In their new apartment, the artist will live alone, as her parents and brother refused to leave his native Kazan, although Maksim is very insisted on this. She admitted that because of the tight tour schedule are unable to create the design of the apartment, and therefore hired a professional, says the magazine "stars".The repair was about six months, and I was beginning to worry that it will never end, " laughs Marina. - PAH-PAH, no problem with working all the time there arose so did not have to redo.Now Mack can't wait when it will be able to move into new apartments.- What is especially nice, the money to buy this flat I earned by hard work shows off the singer. Читать полностью -->

Liz Hurley liked to pose in a bikini

Liz Hurley liked to pose in a bikini Liz Hurley prefers to promote her own line of swimwear. The benefit figure 42-year-old actress is doing fine allows.According Р•gotastic, Hurley agreed to an interview and exclusive photoshoot in bikini for an upcoming issue of ES magazine, which will soon appear on sale. Recently the British star to pose half-naked, clearly impressed - only in April we wrote about her sexy photo shoot in bikinis."Don't see anything wrong with a star in bikini," then quoted the actress portal ФактNews. In the same interview, Liz said that at my age relies on good photographers and digital image processing. "Like everyone, I like some retouching", " she admitted. Source: Liz Hurley liked to pose in a bikini (photo). Читать полностью -->